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Orestes Brownson 2016 -He'd Vote for Trump

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 The 2016 Election is a national disgrace.  Americans want and need a good long shower on November 9th.

American Catholics popped up in the torrent of e-mails poured out by Julian Assange's Wikileaks on the heads of the Democratic National Committee and the Hillary Clinton Campaign.

American Catholics are upset by Jon Podesta and his crowd's harsh opinion of Catholics.  Catholics should not be shocked, but faux outrage is fashionable on the left and the right these days.

Catholics have not been and never will be part of American culture any more than Evangelicals, Jews or Muslims will be mainstream.

Our intellectual and cultural mandarins going back before the Civil War are secularist progressive.

Only Jews, Evangelicals, Muslims and Catholics who shed their faith are welcome.  No Religion Need Apply.

Proof?  There is plenty, but the absence of one man's life and his works from the canon of American thought is a prime example.  Who is Orestes Brownson?

Most American Catholics could not tell you. Most graduates of University of Notre Dame could not tell you.

Orestes Brownson is buried in the  Brownson Memorial Chapel now known as the Basilica Crypt Church at The University of Notre Dame, - a leading secular university that plays football and stage Catholic.

In the 19th Century the romantics ( Thoreau, Emerson, Hawthorne et. al) lived a communal experiment called the Brook Farm Movement under a Unitarian minister and his bride - George and Sophia Ripley - believe it or not.  The Rev. Mr. Ripley and his disciples followed the teachings of secular socialist Charles Fourier.

Fourier, became in the words of Brook Farmers "A Second Coming of Christ."

One brilliant and religion hopping seeker (Congregationalist, Methodist, Unitarian, Baptist, Brook Farmer) was Orestes Brownson a genius no public school child has ever heard of - he is buried in the chapel of the Sacred Heart at University of Notre Dame, of all places. Brownson wrote this of Brook Farm -"the atmosphere of the place is horrible. To save money, "retrenchments", or sacrifices, were called for, particularly at the dinner table. Meat, coffee, tea, and butter were no longer offered, though it was agreed that a separate table with meat be allowed in December 1844. That Thanksgiving, a neighbor had donated a turkey." Orestes Brownson converted to Roman Catholicism and became editor for the Paulist Fathers and the Quarterly Review America's greatest Catholic newspaper.

Brownson and other Brook Farm Transcendentalist converted to Catholicism, in recognition of the secularist and communistic Utopian nonsense at the core of their beliefs. Mrs. Ripley became a Catholic; how's that for irony? One Brook Farm apologist complained -"We are beginning to see wooden crosses around and pictures of saints... and I suspect that rosaries are rattling under aprons." Dang!

Brownson recognized the egotistical American intellectual romantics need to be little gods - he termed this Odinism. Much of this can be witnessed in the more radical Native American quasi-religious rites and rituals, or in the Amnesty for Illegals Movement.

Brook Farm failed, but that never stops an egomaniac. Egoism does not work in Catholicism - humility does. We do not make the rules to suit or immediate needs - we don't go around Congress as it were. As Orestes Brownson wrote, The Catholic Church is not the divinely constituted representative of the spiritual order on earth. Si se Puede!

Secularist egoists believe that.

President Obama carries water for the American intellectual traditions rooted in a failure Brook Farm and re-organized sub rosa in the 20th Century by egoistic secular Progressives, and Incorporated in the agencies that control the American Democratic National Committee, universities, media and radical interests.

This is nothing new. It is the same old egotistical (WE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD!) cow pies that littered Brook Farm. As the great Notre Dame football coach, Frank Leahy, said, “Egotism is the anesthetic that dulls the pain of stupidity.”

Nowhere in the canon of American literature (essay genre) will one find the brilliant and witty writings of Orestes Brownson.

In fact, Orestes Brownson has been made a non-person, via the Orwellian gradus of literary criticism -vilify, ignore, erase. To place an essay by Brownson within the period of American Romanticism/19th Century Transcendentalism/Abolitionist brackets, would seem as odd and cranky to young Academic as  holistic refusal to grant the request to view film (watch movies) ,as a substitute for reading, or teaching comic (graphic novels) book versions of the Last of the Mohicans, Blithedale Romance, or Moby Dick.

Brownson is not considered a considered selection for the American canon of literature, because Brownson became a Roman Catholic and abandoned secular thought as apriori truth. Three of Brownson's colleagues, and erstwhile friends have been canonized -Hawthorne, Emerson and Thoreau, per the Modern Language Association rankings of the top twenty-five authors based upon scholarly research output. Unlike these Transcendentalists, Brownson was an original thinker who challenged not only the assumptions of the group, but his own assumptions.

Brownson was not an early advocate of compulsory universal state-controlled early childhood education (Owen-Wright Theory) and dismissed the notion as evil as well as unsound. You see, unlike the Blithedale gang of the Brook Farm movement, the petri dish of American intellectualism, Brownson believed in sin. Can't have that.  If all men are by nature pure and wonderful, sin must only be some judgmental anomaly associated with slavery of every stripe. Thought rooted to core belief has no place on the commune.

In 1844, Brownson did the unimaginable and converted to the Church of Rome.  The reaction of his former intellectual companions is rather harsh. Theodore Parker railed that Brownson, and any Catholic, clings to that faith from an “unbalanced mind, intellectual always, but spiritual never" and Progressive secularists continue to believe that.

 Brownson sought, like Milton had done so, to justify God's ways to man and not the other way around.

Transcendentalism sprang from the Universalist Unitarian doctrine of Man's inner-light as a pan-theist approach to salvation that requires only that man be man. It's all good!

For Brownson and that Jewish kid George Gershwin - 'T ain’t necessarily so.

Brownson was engaged in living religion and not merely attending to it. Brownson's life was a constant immersion, not a dabbling, in causes to improve mankind's lot.  Mankind's lot is covered with broken beer bottles, garbage, sharp rusty objects - mankind sins and that is mankind's lot.  The convenient truths of American intellectual tradition deny sin and turn to European models of thought to justify man to himself - e.g. American realism and especially naturalism in fiction (Howells, James, Crane, Dreiser, Sinclair, Wright) were rooted in Hugo, Stendhal, Balzac, and ultimately Emile Zola.  Instead of considering personal responsibility for human misery, American intellectualism prefers to hold a mirror above a corpse while a pathologist cuts and digs and arrives at the assumption that preceded the cool science as the conclusive answer - Society, class, race, gender-envy did it!

Orestes Brownson disagrees.  American scholars can't get their heads around human sin*; therefore, ignore it. Brownson flies in the face of Thoreau who went deep into the woods to live life 'deliberately,' but had his Mom truck out to his cabin with baskets full of brownies, cookies and preserved treats.

Brownson denied that democracy that is the gilt paint and mascara of Henry James' Yanks abroad. Democracy, like the American people themselves is plain, coarse, rough and ready and beautiful.

Brownson was vilified by secularist cheerleader and abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison as a copperhead Papist, but place two Brownson boys on Abe Lincoln's altar of sacrifice to the Abolitionist cause. The acceptable icons of American thought and literature taught us to parse as a people and embrace Dewey, the ACLU, Planned Parenthood and public everything.

Orestes Brownson was a Protestant (Congregationalist, Presbyterian, Unitarian) who never allowed the sun to set on his own sins against God and to become as good a protestant, he was required to become a Catholic.  American writers can be born Catholic, but they must be 'fallen away' Catholics, like Fitzgerald, Dreiser, Hemingway, Wolfe, O'Neill, O'Hara, Ferlinghetti, Farrell.   Orestes Brownson will remain out of the American intellectual mainstream and the canon of American literature.

Orestes Brownson should have a place in American Catholic education - a very prominent place.

But he does not, as Georgetown, Loyola, DePaul and Marquette Universities of the Obama Age try to out-do one another in denying Catholic thought, doctrine or even a Romish gilt paint and mascara veneer.

Tim Kaine, Dick Durbin, Nancy Pelosi and Clan Kennedy made peace with secularist intellectuals and do the bidding of American Odinists.  Hillary Rodham Clinton will triumph for Odinism.

Donald Trump only knows that he wants to President.

His supporters who are brilliant, hardworking, generous, thoughtful and kind people, as well as the odd racist, homophobic, xenophobic loudmouth and cyber troll want change in the direction of the country.  I would think that Orestes Brownson would vote for Trump, because unlike Hillary Clinton, Trump acknowledges his many flaws and sins. Hillary is washed in the ink of the New York Times.

Original sin needs daily attention to detail and requires prayer in order to be graced with the ability to combat our baser selves - a government policy cannot do that.

Therein lies the rub.

Jews, Evangelicals, Muslims and Catholics pray when they should be organizing for America.

* A sermon delivered by the Rev.R. Paul Mueller to the Unitarian Society of New Brunswick on September 14, 1997 was completely free of any reference to Orestes Brownson's conversion to Roman Catholicism. Interestingly, Rev. Mueller speaks of the 'religious person, rather the spiritual persons' frustrations and ultimate cynicism when confronted with the social injustices and draws in another 'frustrating' Catholic - Mother Theresa.  No mention of sin. Always 'somebody else's troubles' - American intellectualism in sum.

Secretary of State John Kerry - Global ReMax Agent

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It's clear that China is intent to claim all of the South China Sea as its own, and for its exclusive use. Their recent agreement with the Philippines will embolden them further even though the Philippines has not officially given up their claim, they made it clear that it is "for sale". When you understand the Philippines, this makes sense. And to be fair to Filipinos, Hillary Clinton put the US State Department up for sale to the highest bidder and profited personally from her time in office. It's easy to look at the Philippines and blaggard them, but Sec. Clinton did the same thing - only worse. Retired American Intelligence Office

I was flabbergasted by the universal scorn, contempt and low-opinion of John Kerry in the remarks on a Face Book site of  Chicago Council on Foreign Relations touting the appearance of Secretary of State John Kerry.

From negotiating the Iranian nuclear agreement to reopening a US Embassy in Cuba, US Secretary of State John Kerry has shaped historic foreign policy directives. In an increasingly complex international system, growing challenges such as a progressively assertive Russia and China, the global refugee crisis, climate change, and terrorism have all had an impact on US national security and are reshaping America's role in the global arena. How will America continue to respond and engage in a changing world?
Join the Council on Global Affairs and Secretary Kerry for a major speech highlighting America's current international objectives and discussing our country's role in the world moving forward.  (emphases my own)

And John Kerry will explain exactly what?

  • How has the Obama Doctrine ( bowing) helped keep the Ukrainian military and merchant fleets bottled up in the Black Sea?
  • Why is Syria going to remain in the hands of a chinless psycho path for next few decades?
  • Where is China's territorial limit in the South China Sea, the Philippine Sea, the Sea of Japan and Lake Michigan?
  • Who is responsible for the Philippine Islands embrace of Red China after 100 years of blood forged alliance and strategic mutual interests?
  • What do you have to say about your roll in making Iran a nuclear power and Geo-political player?
Long John Kerry was a lousy Presidential Candidate and allowed Planned Parenthood and a wind sail win the White House for two terms of globalist Neo - Conservatism venture capitalism.

Kerry and most other Progressives of his ilk are corporatist couch-change hunters and Foundation lap dogs who parlay place and position for access.

In short, like Hillary Clinton before him, John Kerry is the global ReMax agent, rather than a steward of American strategic interests - let's negotiate - make a deal!

What deals were managed to allow Red China the control of Pacific, or Putin's the boorish navigation of the English Channel and the Irish Sea?

John Kerry took orders from Valerie Jarrett, just like President Obama, and she knows real estate - local slums and global totalitarian property. Kerry talk is Free.    Nothing else is.

What else is for barter?     Not my time. I would not go, if they handed out Milk Duds at the door.

John Kerry will flap-doodle before an eager crowd of Selfie artists exchanging Kerry's parses for a snap-chat at his is the fourth annual Louis B. Susman Lecture for the Chicago Council on Foreign Relations  

If you want to learn something about what is being done to American interests, read Virtual Mirage. 

Monday, October 24, 2016

I am Voting Today - Deplorable, For What It's Worth

Image result for Voting Booth Great McGintyYeah, that's right Hickey. With two Rs. H.I . . .Rockwell.

People get their shorts in a knot because I will not vote for Hillary R. Clinton, Jill Stein, or Gary Johnson. That leaves only Mr. Deplorable Himself, the Gettysburg Groper.

I do not care for whom you vote; you vote for thee - not me.Image result for Proud Voter Poster

This is the terrible truth of a republican democracy - we must choose. Maybe, we will choose wrongly.

In my career as a voter ( 1972- Present)- here are my votes:
 1.( W) Richard M. Nixon: I worked for the 18th Ward Regular Democrat Organization to help elect McGovern Delegates.  In Miami, Jesse Jackson, Abner Mikva, Michael Shakman and Bill Singer challenged those delegates and the DNC tossed them - my first Progressive Rig-job. The Roe V. Wade easily put America on its death spiral.  I voted for Tricky Dick, who resigned and good old Gerald Ford pardoned the crumb - that nixed any vote for Jerry. I went to GOP dominated Kankakee, IL and began teaching in 1975.

2. (W)Jimmy Carter: Boy was that fun and then Mr. Peanut put on sweaters and gas went through the roof and Iran went crazy and rabbits attacked him and Brother Billy brewed beer and took bribes from the Libyans and I thought Ronald Reagan was scary and so . . .well, Ted Kennedy who drowned a girl popped up every election cycle like a legacy whack-a-mole and teased Gov. Moonbeam and Jimmy.

3.(L) Jimmy Carter got smeared and Ronald Reagan softened the hearts of blue collar Catholic voters, by fighting for the unborn, fighting the Reds, taking a bullet and behaving with dignity, but he was still a GOP, Protestant left-footer. Abscam, the Ruskie Afghanistan bleed out, Star Wars, Commie in Central America and Grenada, Lebanon and now , (l)Fritz Mondale

4. ( L) Fritz Mondale, sweet guy.  Road kill.  The Reagan Years - Pax Americana.

5. Then George Herbert Walker Bush emerged from the shadows of the Vice Presidency, CIA and Huge Oil and sounded like Aunt Nancy from Chebanse and we had TED Kennedy again, and finally   ( L) Mike Dukakis - Snoopy Drives an Abrams and the  Desert Storm of Poppi of Kennibunkport and then Bubba showed . . .upin 1988 at the DNC!   I had taken a job in Indiana and watched the world get goofier  beyond the pines and spring fed lake of La Lumiere School.

6. ( W.W.)William Jefferson Clinton and Albert Gore were the first two non-WWII veteran, baby-boomers to run for President and they seemed like great guys - one with a homely wife and one with a stunner. The guy with the pooch-Frau was the top of the ticket and word got around that he was quite a hound himself.  I remember pushing my son Conor in a stroller at the 1992 South Side Irish Parade and seeing Gore and Clinton work the crowd on Western Ave. two tall good looking guys in black topcoats. I voted Clinton over Dole in 1996

7.  Bubba had the chops and his two terms mired by repeated scandals about money and sex and finally the national humiliation of unveiling the truth about a President who could eat a pizza, enjoy a fellation from a young White Staffer and chat with a congressman about Bosnia all at once. Our moral soul fit like OJ's gloves.  I needed a shower. and ( L) John Kerry did not help with his I Had an Abortion  pinking up the Boston DNC, while he wind-sailed to the camera's - What and A$$hole!. GW Bush was gearing up for a royal coronation, because Kerry was as lame as he has been as Secretary of State and got hammered.  We went to War on Terror and I like the way GW Bush responded to the 9/11/2001 attack on America, until he took Poppi's phone call and allowed the Saudis to jet away scot-free and then sent our kids to Afghanistan and then Iraq.

8. (L) Al Gore 'invented the internet' and brought all of the excitement and energy of a glutton at Weight Watchers to a challenge to GW and my vote for the last Democratic Presidential Candidate of my career in the polling booth ended on the hanging chads.

9.( L) John McCain should have easily beaten Barack Obama in 2008: he had a great VP choice in Governor Palin, a great message, experience and the media behind him for the most part against a callow, not-very-bright, prickly, self-absorbed community organizer who was whiter than Clarence Thomas and pals with the very people who made me cast my virgin vote for Nixon.  The Mortgage Investment Bubble blew and the economy tanked.  McCain who had endured horrible dangers and excruciating torture at the hands of Communists, ran away from a capitalist bump in the road and all but stopped campaigning after September 2008. He allowed Sarah Palin and her entire family to become a target for ridicule and never stood up for her.  Obama handed him his ass.

10. Barack H. Obama with Valerie Jarrett handing him orders and orchestrating his every move is the most protected, petted and pitiful President in our nation's history.  Obama is the 501(c) 3 President and PAC powerful clothes-horse.  The GOP is a party of cowards, sycophants, martyrs and zealots interspersed with a few genuine men of integrity and ability. (L) Mitt Romney, the Walter Mondale of the GOP, was offered up in sacrifice to Obama, in order to save and even increase numbers in House and Senate.

Bringing me to Election 2016.  I really need a shower.  I would have voted Democrat for Jim Webb, Republican Scott Walker, or Independent Rand Paul.  Instead we have the current choices, a Shameless Abortion Happy Medusa and a Shameful Braggart and Groper.  The others are toys for the Never/Never crowd of moral fiber eaters.

I am voting when the early polls vote. I stand at 4-7.

W - Nixon, Carter, Clinton (2) = 4
L. Carter, Mondale, Dukakis, Kerry, Gore, McCain. Romney =7

Here goes my ballot 2016!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

The Voice of "Emerging Nations" Parses Obama's Philippine Blunder

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He has also insulted President Obama and the U.S. ambassador in Manila.
Duterte has prompted international criticism for pursuing a harsh crackdown on the drug trade in the Philippines, one that has left thousands of people dead. Some of Duterte's headline-grabbing insults have been defiant reactions to criticism — real or hypothetical — over an initiative that many say violates human rights. NPR

I can not turn-on NPR or PBS without a cooing voice with a faux BBC accent or reptilian lisp lick-spittle-ing a yarn about 'anything' from an emerging nation.  Thus, 'This is Nigel Brow in Wogrograd - we are soon talking with Mbnbi Al-Offis-Rockah. a bi-sexual father of fifteen and devout Muslim-Unitarian who isa craftsman and dealer in illegal AK-47 display cases much desired by Euro-American plutocrats.  Offis Rockah's signature-edition cabinets are in-laid with Rhino tusk and soaked in the vanishing creature's musk, due to climate change upon our emerging world and Polar Ice flows. . . .'

That seems to be  the 24/7 chant on our government funded Mini-Tru, but we do still have Prairie Home Companion to balm the souls of hemped-up AARP Birkenstock-ers, retired from Goldman Sachs and spooning up Ben & Jerry's.

This week in our sinking nation, Americans are aware of the fact that Trump is a disgrace to HBO and Hillary Clinton can't lose on November 8th.

Image result for russian fleet irish sea
Meanwhile the Russian Fleet sailed triumphantly on both sides of the United Kingdom: English Channel and Irish Sea.  Many of my BBC addicted Irish kinfolk are as delighted with Putin's mooning of NATO and the United States like this gobshite, known in Chomsky-troll circles as PeaceGroupie:

The terrorists' groupies( the West) would have us believe almost all houses in east Aleppo are hospitals and schools. They have claimed on multiple occasions that the last hospital/doctor had been hit/killed. The rebels looted all the hospitals they captured. In Mosul and elsewhere, they executed medics who did not collaborate with them. They slaughtered medics and patients alike in Kindi hospital in Aleppo.
The US and NATO who regularly murder Syrian civilians (the Belgians killed more today) are in a soft war against Russia and so they accuse them of bring naughty. Contrary to what Michael Martin said, Russia did not bomb that UN convoy. The rebels did. They have a history of doing such things.
Russia is doing a noble deed in Syria. Several of its soldiers have paid with their lives for their heroism. They have stopped the USA and its ISIS proxies doing a Libya/Iraq/Yemen on Syria and for that they are heroes. (parenthetical my own)
The BBC and NPR love the academic-contrarian parsing of things.  Putin is wagging his willy at Obama, whose spineless and Bizarro-world view matches the BBC and NPR Derridavan weltanschauung .  Goodness!  Barack Obama is now GW? Emerging!

Well, we must break a few eggs in the global omellette pan.

The old global omelette pan welcomed the Philippines last week as well!
Image result for duterte in china
Rodrigo Duterte was elected President of the Philippines in June, 2016.  Between June and October, the foreign policy collective of the Obama White House managed to condescend to, mock, alienate and insult Duterte enough that the entire Pacific Rim stands to fall under Red China's hegemony.

Brand Obama sneers at people who get upset when they are 'talked-down to' by an elegant community organizer with razor sharp pants creases and an obtuse Daily Kos world view.

Again, turning to the Plain People of Ireland, besotted with the BBC/OXFam anti-Semtism and fashionable MetroMarxism, we pick up on the spiritus mundi -

The Filipinos have a long and living cultural connection to China and have only benefited from its American connections in becoming a sweatshop, whore house and secutity buffe, which has only caused them strife and harm.
I've talked to Africans who have nothing but praise for the Chinese set ups in their homelands. Consistently, they tell me that, unlike westerners, the Chinese treat them as equals/ Like Africans, Pinoys have a decent level pf education and a keen work ethic.
Via one of my hobbies, I've a fair few Pinoys that I talk to and they are stoked by Duterte after the false start that was the corrupt Aquinios. Filipinos are not Americans nor even western but have been forced to wear systems that are not reflective of their ancient cultures, which emanate from places as far away as ancient Persia and as close as Indonesia. The common connection of those 2 influences is direct justice.
A few years ago, the Filipinos made the film Amigo, a reminder of the American regime at the start of the last century. Duterte has brought the massacres of Pinoys by Americans back to the agenda including what was done in Mindanao and even further south. This has been well received and is having a healing affect throughout the archipelago whereas Aquino et al inflamed the struggle in the south
In a country where police corruption is just the done thing, Duterte has appealed straight to the people and given them the right to do what must be done because the Filipinos are not the whores and weak people that the west has made them, they are the people of Lapu lapu, the spirit that sent Magellan to his death.
Mabuay(sic) Duterte!  

Mabuhay means - Be Spirited in Tagalog - sort of a Google Translate Viva Duterte!

The same sentiments abounded with my Irish cousins and compadres, when Hugo Chavez was Bromantic with Barack Obama. Brits as well.  The BBC, RTE, the Guardian and Irish Independent speak the same propaganda as our NPR and PBS - tweedy, snotty and elitist non-sense.

Obama and John Kerry and Hillary Clinton are fabulous dopes.

Nevertheless, they have destroyed America's place on the world stage, retreated cravenly from every challenge by tinpot and crack pot dictators. bloomed and manicured ISIS from the last dying cuts of the Muslim Brotherhood, turned the Pacific over to China and have given Putin the global gangway!

Our response? Well, the fabulous dopes are baffled and called Duterte the Filipino Donald Trump.

How do you like your global omelette?

Mabuhay America, we have a tough row to hoe, before breakfast.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Obama and Kerry May Have Given the Pacific to Red China, Along With the Philippines

Image result for china and duterte

Unusually sharp comments from Earnest earlier Friday about a Filipino official's attempts to clarify Duterte's "separation" remarks may reflect White House uneasiness about the implications of the country's stance.
Philippine Trade Minister Ramon Lopez said Friday that his country would not stop trade and investment with the US. "The statement the President made maintains the relationship with the West. What we are saying is that there will be less dependence just on one side of the world," Lopez told CNN.
Asked about Lopez's comments, Earnest said "I've dubbed that person the Filipino Mike Pence," a reference to the Republican vice presidential candidate, who has often walked back or cleaned up comments by GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump. CNN
Yes, indeed, Philippines is a blessed nation,
The one thing it lacks is diligence and
God loves this country and understands our pain,
So if we strive harder, all our lost will become
our gain.
Philippines might become a better country one
Because with God’s help, we know that there’s
still a way. Ramon Amancio Estanque

There once was a Filipino hombre
Who ate rice pescado y legumbre;
His trousers were wide, and his shirt hung outside,
And this, I may say, was his costumbre.
He lived in a nipa bahay
Which served as a stable and sty;
He slept on a mat with the dogs and a cat
And the rest of the family near by.
His daddy, un buen' Filipino,
Who never mixed tubig with bino,
Said, "I am no insurrecto - no got gun or bolo,"
Yet used both to kill a vecino.   Carl Sandburg's American Songbag

Gee, Old Carl had me running for my safe space amid those verbal microaggressions, colonialist jibes at indigenous peoples and misapplication of Limerick stanzas delivering lame sounds and sensibilities.  I do believe I have the vapors!

Thank God, Carl did not write those offensive words himself - no need to re-name Carl Sandburg High School's continent wide.

For now, anyway.

Sandburg's offering from the American Songbag  is attributed to a U.S. Navy Captain in 1900 - a few short years after Americans liberated the Philippine Archipelago from Spain, subsequently screwed the liberated with the Treaty of Paris, causing our ally Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo to treat McKinley like Obama and began 'civilizing thim (the indigenous people) stiff' in Cuba, Puerto Rico, Guam and the Philippines.  The most violent resistance to American largesse and democracy took place in the South Philippine island of Mindanao which has had a traditionally large Muslim population in the traditionally much larger Roman Catholic Philippine Islands.   Mindanao has been the home of current Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte and his family sine 1947.

President Duterte is a very complex man, abused by an American Jesuit priest in the 1950's, a lawyer, former Mayor and District leader, a tough law and order guy who admits to shooting more than few people who have crossed him, a man of his word and most of those words are beyond salty. 

He is a plain man.  Duterte will never take home a Nobel Prize.

His people love him; the United Nations hates him.

He is a leader of a nation with great strategic and economic importance to globe and President Obam and John Kerry may have lost partnerships with the Philippine people forged in fire and blood for more than 100 years.  They have done so with 'pimp slap' diplomacy.  Kerry and Obama have shown no regard for the Philippines, much less their President.

When asked to 'show the flag' in the South China Sea, where the Red Chinese Navy has built artificial atolls with anchorages and airfields for military vessels and aircraft, as well as muscled out territorial claims of not only the Philippines, but Vietnam, Indonesia and others.
Image result for Obama and Kerry and Duterte
When the Philippines brought a case against China at the Hague over China's artificial islands in its territorial waters, the U.S. supported the Philippines diplomatically.
In July, the Hague's Permanent Court of Arbitration ruled in favor of the Philippines. This would have been an opportunity for the U.S. to turn the screws on China. But instead the Obama White House encouraged China and the Philippines to resolve the matter themselves after the ruling of the international tribunal.
At the end of August, Secretary of State John Kerry told reporters that the U.S. was not interested in "fanning the flames of conflict but rather trying to encourage the parties to resolve their disputes and claims through the legal process and through diplomacy."
Duterte has now taken Kerry's advice. After announcing his country's new alignment with China, Duterte signed a series of trade agreements worth $13.5 billion, along with a promise to continue bilateral negotiations over the South China Sea.Image result for Obama stares at  Duterte
President Obama lectured Duterte on human rights over the Islamist-Drug wars in the Philippine Islands
His anti-U.S. rhetoric flared last month when he declared Mr. Obama shouldn’t lecture him on human rights. In an aside directed at no one, he used an exclamation of frustration meaning “son of a whore,” which some in the international press interpreted as a dig at the U.S. president. Mr. Obama then canceled plans for a one-on-one meeting with him at the regional summit in Laos. It was two days later that Mr. Duterte approached Mr. Obama there.
In recent weeks, Mr. Duterte has canceled U.S.-Philippine military exercises. He said he might annul a 2014 U.S.-Philippines defense pact, a key aspect of Mr. Obama’s “Asian pivot,” that lets the U.S. deploy soldiers to Philippine bases. And he has threatened to “cross the Rubicon” and ditch the countries’ 65-year-old treaty in favor of accords with Russia and China.
The American Media, notably CNN, want to make political hay out of another international disaster at the hands of Obama and the patrician Kerry. They have taken to calling Duterte the Filipino Donald Trump and Obama sneers that President Duterte is 'colorful.'

Fifty seven years ago, another Spanish American War Prize was lost to our enemies - it still is but Obama erased that inconvenient fact with flourish of his executive pen - in Cuba.  American snobs lost China to Communism after World War II and Cuba in 1959.  Our snobs are managing no different - but the Philippines is much more important than Cuba had been to our geopolitical survival.
 Duterte went to Beijing.  “I’ve realigned myself in your ideological flow,” Mr. Duterte said in the Beijing speech, “and maybe I will also go to Russia to talk to Putin and tell him that there are three of us against the world—China, Philippines and Russia.”

Kerry and Obama are doing their best, yet again, as they had in IRAN Deal, to make sure that this will be the outcome.

Back to my safe place.



Friday, October 21, 2016

Obama Loses the Philippines to China and Russia

 Image result for obama philippines riotsImage result for snob obamaImage result for obama philippines riots

"The United States-Philippines alliance is built on a 70-year history of strong people-to-people ties, including a vibrant Filipino- American diaspora and a long list of shared security concerns. So the focus of the Obama administration right now is on the broad relationship with the Philippines and our work together in the many areas of mutual interest to improve the livelihoods of the Filipino people and uphold our shared Democratic values." White House Flak Josh Earnest 10/5/2016

Both in military, not maybe social, but economics also, America has lost,” he said to the crowd of over 200, later adding, “There are three of us against the world -- China, Philippines and Russia. It’s the only way.”

"I will not go to America anymore. We will just be insulted there. So time to say goodbye my friend," President President Rodrigo Duterte.

More than 250,000 Americans have settled in the Phillipines, many former service men and women opening businesses and putting down roots near Subic Naval Base.   

The residents of Olongapo are also fearful that one fine day, Duterte might decide to throw them out of the country because they are Americans. "The biggest fear is that one day he's going to wake up and say 'everybody from the U.S., get out of town' and we'd have to leave our loved ones behind," Jack Walker, a retired Marine sergeant who has lived in the city for five years, said.
President Obama's soaring rhetoric and parsing poetics have created a dire situation in the most important Pacific Rim strategic outpost of American military and economic power.  

President Obama surrendered the Philippines without a Bataan, or Corregidor.  He does not even know what he has done - he is baffled. 

President Obama does not like plain people and especially plain spoken people.  He also dislikes with great enthusiasm anyone that Valerie Jarrett tells him to be really bad - a person who might be called 'a colorful guy' who wants to be supported in the fight against Islamist Terrorists, whom Valerie Jarrett identifies as drug dealing Narco-terrorists.  Obama and Obama's folks have repeatedly condemned Duterte as a human rights violator for killing Islamist terrorists, whom Obama deems drug traffickers. His State Department and stripped pants boys are and have been baffled:
 One U.S. official, who did not want to be identified, said there had been an active internal debate in recent months on how far to go in criticizing Duterte's government on human rights and that the measured tone adopted was not as strong as some aides would have liked.
U.S. attempts to raise questions about Duterte's campaign against drugs, in which more than 3,000 people have been killed since he took office in June, have drawn angry denunciations by Duterte. He has derided Obama as a "a son of bitch" and said he should "go to hell."
"It doesn't seem to help to say anything because the minute you say something, he just lets loose his barrage of obscenities," said Murray Hiebert, deputy director of the Southeast Asia Program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. "I think for the U.S. to just blast him constantly is probably not very effective."
Obama taunted and painted the popular President of the Philippines into a corner with 'pimp slap diplomacy.'  Duterte is a plain man and plain men 'don't play.'

President Duterte, 'colorful guy,' has been insulted by President Obama on many occasions is not baffled at all. 

The People of the Philippines who embraced democracy, after decades of American occupation and heroically withstood and welcomed liberation from Japan, sent their sons to Korea, Vietnam and the endless Wars on Islamist Terror are now rioting against America.  That is tragic. They are great people.  Abusing great people is an American Progressive's past time. 

President Obama's White House is and has been Valerie Jarrett's tool in efforts to make Iran a world player.  She has won and America has lost another ally.  Pooh says, the stripped pants boys:

"There is no question that Duterte is...trying to play the well-worn game of playing us off against the Chinese," another U.S. official said, on condition of anonymity.
State Department spokesman John Kirby said on Thursday that the United States will seek an explanation from Duterte over his "separation" announcement, which he made during a visit to China. But he limited criticism to calling the remarks "baffling" and "inexplicably at odds" with close ties between Washington and Manila.
Plain people do not play. Duterte is pissed and he has not parsed his piss.  He will do what he says, he will do.

Someday, soon, many Americans will realize that President Obama had no business taking the oath of office.  The Americans living in the Philippines are getting it. 

Put this way by a American expatriate in Subic Bay, just off the naval base that Americans controlled until 1992 and began reusing in 2014 to help with the maritime patrols: “I am going to keep safe inside at night for this period. Keeping your nose clean is the solution.”
Treating friends with respect is another good idea.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Putin Pants-es Obama

Image result for russian fleet to embarrass obama

A little-known alliance between the US and Tsarist Russia led to the Russian fleet showing up in force in New York and San Francisco. It arrived at a crucial time in 1863 when Britain and France were on the verge of intervening in the Civil War on the side of the Confederacy. An actual world war was on the horizon that would “wrap the world in flames” as Secretary of State William Seward put it. The mighty Russian presence deterred the Anglo-French from invading, and the Union was saved.  History
Who is driving the good ship Lollipop? That is one question all Americans should ask. Better question: Which direction is the country headed?  Pravda 10/18/2016

I was pants-ed by my students after football practice at La Lumiere School, along with the head coach and our school priest/coach Chaplain.  All in good fun - embarASSing fun..

Memories of  kids getting pants-ed ( the act of pantsing) from Kindergarten through high school stirred when I read about Putin's fleet taking the long way to incinerate what is left of Aleppo in Syria - through the English channel and into the American Lakes.  Image result for russian fleet to embarrass obamaWhy pantsing?

Yanking down one's britches in public was and is mostly it was good clean; sometimes it was hostile and cruel.  Only jerks would pants a shy, inoffensive, lonely, or special youngster and they would be dealt with by their betters in due course.

I remember a little guy who was so afraid getting pants-ed at school that he would actually make himself sick about it.  As a coach and teacher it was my job to speak to several of the school's more infamous Myrmidons and ne'er-do-wells and they kept a sober and loving watch out for jerks lurking to terrorize the boy. No one pantsed him in four years; nor did he deign to pants anyone.

The global jerks, the Russians, were at one time kept in check by kids that I taught at Bishop McNamara, La Lumiere and Leo who exchanged letterman jackets for Kevlar vests and helmets.  Pat Donnelly, Jim Buck, Marvin Carey. Mario Bullock and Mike Van Weigel went to sea as sailors and marines.  The Russkies behaved.

After eight years of President Obama's daffy foreign policies, the Global Bully Putin is yanking down the britches of President at this very moment.

Russia has begun its biggest surface deployment since the end of the Cold War as it aims to effectively end the war in Syria on the eve of the US election, Nato officials warned last night.
The Kremlin is sending the full might of its Northern Fleet and part of the Baltic Fleet to reinforce a final assault on the city of Aleppo in a fortnight, according to Western intelligence.
The final bombardment is designed to shore up the Assad regime by wiping out rebels – paving the way for a Russian exit from the civil war. . . .
Royal Navy warships are due to escort a group of eight Russian warships, including the country’s only aircraft carrier, as they sail past the UK on their way to the Mediterranean.
Senior Royal Navy officers expect the task force to sail past the UK as early as Thursday in a show of strength dismissed as “posturing” by defence sources. . . .
But a senior Nato diplomat said the deployment from the Northern Fleet’s base near Murmansk would herald a renewed attack in Aleppo.
“They are deploying all of the Northern Fleet and much of the Baltic Fleet in the largest surface deployment since the end of the Cold War,” the diplomat said.
“This is not a friendly port call. In two weeks, we will see a crescendo of air attacks on Aleppo as part of Russia’s strategy to declare victory there.”
President Obama has smirked, shrugged and bowed for eight years and today Valdimir Putin yanked down his pants in front of the whole world.

The whole world is watching this Obama Legacy moment.

Senator Dick Durbin is a Huge Fan of Bob Creamer and His Riotous Tactics!

Image result for Dick Durbin and Jan SchakowskyImage result for robert creamer check kiting2005: Bob Creamer and his Life Partener Rep. Jan Schakowsky listen as Federal Judge James Moran gives Bob the 'long goodbye'

"I will never again allow my passion for that goal to overwhelm my good judgment or my respect for the law," Creamer said after the sentencing hearing 2005

"I still oppose abortion and would try my best to convince any woman in my family to carry the baby to term. But I believe that ultimately the decision must be made by the woman, her doctor, her family, and her conscience." Pro Life Dick Durbin

" Does Leo have a football team?" - Dick Durbin confused by the facts before him.
Image result for Dick Durbin and Jan Schakowsky
One of the dopiest people in government is U.S. Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois.  Really.

After an hour long tour of Leo High School in late October of 1996, by President Bob Foster who played on the 1956 City Championship football team, a pleasant chat with the head football coach who had just landed the second playoff berth in IHSA post-season in as many years, and marvelled at all of the football memorabelia in the Hall of Fame including Dick Boyle and Eddie Ryan 1956 bronzed cleats, Dick Durbin's first remark to President Foster was, " Does Leo have a football team?"

President Foster, no mixer of messages, or slick parser of the obvious, repled, " Jesus Christ!  What? Are you soft?  You're running for Senator?"

Yep.  And re-elected time and again.

Robert Creamer had his pants yanked down this week, so to speak, when James O'Keefe offered up Creamer in his words and deeds

Creamer was convicted in 2005, " Robert Creamer, a leading Democratic consultant and the husband of U.S. Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.), pleaded guilty Wednesday to a federal bank fraud charge for engineering an elaborate check-kiting scheme to keep afloat the Illinois consumer group he formerly headed.. . .In addition to the bank fraud charge involving Illinois Public Action, Creamer also pleaded guilty to a federal tax violation for failing to make income-tax withholding payments."

After more than a few semesters in Terra Haute Federal and months as a Federal halfway-house  guest.  Bob Creamer wrote a strategy book for Democrat Operatives -Listen to Your Mother: Stand Up Straight: How Progressives Can Win.
Image result for Dick Durbin and Jan Schakowsky
He had just gotten out of the joint and he was doing swell with help from Pat Quinn and the man who beat Pat Quinn in 1996 Primary - Senator Dick Durbin. He opened a boutique consulting firm SCG, got a gig with Huffington Post, a place on the Obama Brand and eventually a key to the Oval Office.

Creamer's book was a DNC wow.

Durbin read, or had someone read Creamer's book, Listen to Your Mother: Stand Up Straight to him and immediately penned this sweet endorsement of Bob Creamer and all of his works.

If Progressives are ready to move beyond the "Age of W" into a winning era, they can start with Stand Up Straight. This is more than a call to arms. This is a battle plan from one of the best campaign minds in America. Bob Creamer takes his readers from values to votes with practical tactics and insight gathered over decades of experience. This book is for players...spectators need not apply.
Senator Richard Durbin (D-Illinois), Senate Democratic Whip

We are well beyond the "Age of W" and swirling  down the drain of the "Obama Legacy" in no small part to Bob Creamer and Dick Durbin.

Yet, not one Chicago journalist for any news outlet cares to have a conversation about Bob Creamer, the dopes he puts in power, or the rigging of elections.

BTW - Durbin is not cleint of Strategic Consulting Group.  Why is that?  One wonders.

Lynn Sweet and Sun Times Lift the Chicago News Embargo on Bob Creamer

Image result for Lynn Sweet and Jan SchakowskyImage result for Lynn Sweet and Jan Schakowsky
Robert Creamer, a leading Democratic consultant and the husband of U.S. Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.), pleaded guilty Wednesday to a federal bank fraud charge for engineering an elaborate check-kiting scheme to keep afloat the Illinois consumer group he formerly headed. In addition to the bank fraud charge involving Illinois Public Action, Creamer also pleaded guilty to a federal tax violation for failing to make income-tax withholding payments.

O’Keefe is known for his  highly controversial tactics and selective edits that create untrue storylines, notably in videos about Planned Parenthood and ACORN, a national community organization. Lynn Sweet Sun Times Today
 A union that represents University of Illinois at Chicago police officers is lashing out at the university, saying last week's canceled Trump rally put officers and attendees in danger. Creamer's Work at the March Trump Rally Riot

Project Veritas has 'untrue storylines?   How's ACORN doing?

Planned Parenthood?  Not as badly as its poster-boy for Women's Health Issues - Dr. Kermit Gosnell.

For two days, people in Chicago could re-read RedEye and go blind looking for any mention of  Robert Creamer, who organized a riot* at a Trump Rally at UICC Arena this past March. Why?

Because Bob Creamer, like Bill Ayers is a Progressive hero.  He's bullet proof now.

Lynn Sweet of the Sun Times, who as major access too all of the Progressive players broke the Chicago News Embargo on Creamer with this shadow box of a pulled punch on Check Kiting Bob Creamer, the significant other of Jan Schakowsky:

Trump set his sights on Creamer earlier Wednesday, too, retweeting a Daily Caller story about Creamer headlined, “Dem Operative Who Oversaw Trump Rally Agitators Visited White House 342 Times.”
White House visitor logs show Creamer has made 340 visits since Obama took office in January 2009.
Creamer told the Sun-Times, “The Obama White House has regular meetings of progressive organizations every week. Lots of people go, including me.” ( a Convicted Felon and Check Kiter)
Explaining the video scenes that included him, Creamer said he thought he was talking to a man who was a potential large donor to Democratic causes. In reality, that man was posing as a donor and secretly recording Creamer.
In the video, Creamer says he is part of a daily call with the Clinton campaign “to go over the focuses that need to be undertaken.”
Project Veritas also was able to plant an intern in Creamer’s Washington, D.C., office to secretly video workers. Creamer said she posed as the niece of the fake potential donor, who asked Creamer to give her a job.
The sting operation ended last Friday, Creamer said — as far as he knows — when, after a lunch with the fake donor at Tosca, in downtown Washington, a video crew from Sinclair, a conservative outlet, appeared outside the restaurant, wanting to interview him. The fake donor disappeared and the “intern” was gone when he got back to his office, Creamer said.
Most of the allegations of triggering incidents with Trump backers in the video came from Scott Foval, a Creamer subcontractor fired in the wake of the video being released. Foval was taped by a Project Veritas undercover operative posing as a Democratic activist, Creamer said.
On the video, Foval claimed to have arranged for mentally ill people, homeless people and . . .(Parenthetical my own)

Creamer gets a pass. The Sun Times offered something, not much but something related to the oafish Creamer's far-too-long and dangerous access to power


Ain't none.


Lynn Sweet, like CNN, the DNC, MSNBC and the other tanked-up Media outlets, takes a squirt all over the messenger, James O'Keefe and Project Veritas, toss out the same nonsense at the White House via Josh Earnest - Mr. 'Kidding-On-the-Square,' gives Creamer range to run for deeper cover until Arne Duncan needs a voice, or Forrest Claypool a new pension.

THAT"S the Chicago Way .

The Washington Post's David Weigel's report on things was pasted by in some dark corner of the Tribune late October 19th:

Both "scalps," as O'Keefe refers to them, drew new attention to a campaign that had become viewed very skeptically by political reporters. O'Keefe's 2009 sting of ACORN led to the destruction of that group; a 2011 sting of NPR executives led to two resignations. Subsequent investigations found discrepancies between how the undercover journalists approached their targets and how they packaged what the targets said. In the latter case, then-NPR executive Ron Schiller quoted a Republican who viewed Tea Party activists as "racist"; the edited clip made it appear that Schiller himself held that opinion.

Oh, Bruce!!!!!  The Tribune can come out now. . .really.  It's Okay.  So is Bob Creamer.

* Lynne Sweet calls a 'riot' a 'flap,' Sneedless to say.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

To Celebrate Another Debate I Will Not Watch, I Made 10 Layer Chop Suey!

Image result for clowns debating

Vote.  Vote and then keep it to yourself.

I can not make America Great, again.  I can make Chop Suey in the Slow Cooker. Chop Suey is as American a dish as Turkey and Stuffing - Trump and Hillary. Some believe chop suey was first mixed up for the transcontinental railroad workers, others that it was a joke on Americans.  One visitor to the U.S. in 1904 wrote that Americans ate a dish prepared by Chinese restaurant owners called chop suey, but that Chinese would not eat themselves.  Either way I am and have been a huge fan.

The greatest Chop Suey joint was George's located at 79th Street just east of Ashland, back in the 1960's.  Nothing matched George's, but he gave my Mom his recipe ( so he said) and I share it here - no wok; pig pot.  Kinda like me.

Two Lbs. of cubed pork shoulder meat and chuck beef - marinated in a dry mix of salt, white pepper, cinammon and ground star anise.

I cup of chopped celery
2 chopped onions
2 cups of mung beans sprouts
1cup of water chestnets
1- cup of chopped mushroom
3- chopped garlic cloves
2Tsps of grated ginger
1 generous pinch of crushed red pepper

I half cup of Hoisan Sauce
several manly dashes of Kikkoman Teriyaki Sauces

Layer as follows

 1. celery
 2. onions
 3. marinated meat
 4, mung bean sprouts
 5. water chestnuts
 6. chopped musrooms
 7. Chopped garlic
 8.grated ginger
 9. Hoisan sauce over all
10. Crushed Red Pepper

Cook on High for two hours
Cook on Low for four hours

Serve over good sticky white rice

Day Two of NO News ABOUT BOB CREAMER - Spineless Chicago Papers

Image result for Bruce Dold and Jan Schakowsky

"Bruce runs a vigorous editorial page, one that engages seriously and constantly on issues that matter," says an admirer. If he has baggage, it might be a couple of things in combination. An ardent champion of Governor Bruce Rauner, Dold's editorial page hasn't wrestled with the possibility that Rauner, however sound his grasp of Illinois's fiscal crisis, is an overreaching jerk and his own worst enemy. Furthermore, Dold is perceived to be vastly more plugged into the city and state power structure than Kern ever was. Can he draw a line between his connections, his editorial beliefs, and the need of the newsroom to be unfettered by either? Chicago Reader
Citizen, Please! The guy is a Progressive politician's purse puppy.

Neither Chicago newspaper wasted any ink on Bob Creamer, because he is a protected Progressive species in the delicate ecosystem of American Oligarchy.

The Pre-Dold Tribune was a pretty fair paper and even allowed real reporters to give readers the full story. Like Laurie Cohen's great piece that tore the cover off of Bob Creamer. 

Bruce Dold's Tribune and the gang at Sun Times are "This" cozy with Mr. Schakowsky and Frau Creamer and have long ago tossed Bob's 'check kiting' thefts from an ecology scam into the memory hole.  Neither paper mentions the fact that James O'Keefe's Veritas Project caught the Terra Haute Federal Pen Alumnus bragging up his street cred and Trump thumping on camera. Even the Clintonista CNN offers this with an opening smear of Mr. O'Keefe

Illinois0 W. Hubbard St. Ste. 200Chicago 

Washington (CNN)A Democratic operative whose organization was helping Hillary Clinton's campaign announced Tuesday that he would be "stepping back" from the campaign after an edited video suggested that he and other staffers hired people to attend Donald Trump's campaign rallies and incite violence.
Robert Creamer -- husband of Illinois Rep. Jan Schakowsky -- announced his resignation in a statement after conservative activist James O'Keefe released a video under his organization Project Veritas Action, which showed Creamer and other operatives purportedly discussing methods for inciting violence at rallies for the Republican nominee.

CNN at least tried to smear James O'Keefe for doing exactly what CNN, CBS, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, ABC-DISNEY, Chicago Tribune and Sun Times do every day.

Bruce Dold's Tribune and the editorial crowd at Sun Times have a long history with Bob Creamer and his wife Rep. Jan Schakowsky and they are power players in the American Oligarchy.

A Chicago Cop offered this on Second City Cop

 Anonymous said...
I knew Creamer and worked for him. Creamer and Jan had an organization called "citizens for a better environment"on the 1980-1990s. What they did was get young black men and women, called producers, in a van and go to the far suburbs, door to door, and solicit money "for the environment". They would write a check to get rid of you. Typically$ 25 . You would get a very small percentage of what you kept. I did this . Creamer went to prison for ten years. In prison, he wrote a book, "Stand up straight". Worth reading,.some say it defined Obamacare. I met schakovsky once, she was surprised when I told her I knew creamer and worked citizens with him. It was the 80s, people were desperate and would do scammy shit like this for a dollar. I did. Later in life, I would drop a yellow slip for time and a half. Creamer exploited a lot of young black people with this scam.
10/18/2016 07:17:00 AM
CNN wen to great pains to discredit O'Keefe and mentioned his conviction and never said that Bob Creamer is a . . .Convicted Felon.

Senator Dick Durbin is tight with Creamer.

Stand Up Straight was oozed over by Senator Dick Durbin, because Creamer oozed all over Dick Durbin. 

To the Chicago Tribune and Sun Times - NO NEWS - Is Good news - for a very few, powerful, nasty, thieving and creepy people.