Friday, April 17, 2015

Catholics Bury the Indigent Fetus: The Chicago Tribune Buries the Evil that is Abortion

Francis Cardinal Ceorge initiated the practice of taking the bodies of the unclaimed poor (fetuses and adults) off of the hands of Cook County in 2012.  The Chicago Tribune decided that needed no mention in its article about the burial of 62 unclaimed aborted children, in order to make a political propaganda piece. 

Instead, John Daley's presence at the recent ceremony is used.

Cook County Commissioner John Daley is a wonderful man.  Of the Daley Boys, he is the kindest and most thoughtful, in my opinion.  The other day, he joined fellow Catholics  at Mount Olivet Cemetery on the south side to bury the aborted children of poor people - indigent fetuses.

This practice begun by Francis Cardinal George, who is not mentioned in the article, is a good thing.  Not even Planned Parenthood could scream, as is their wont, about religion interfering in choice.

However, a good deed can not go un-propagandized in Chicago and the Chicago Tribune immediately rolled over for  rub of its tummy, by Planned Parenthood Illinois, Progressives and Abortion Complicit Politicians.

The Illinois Department of Human Services also has provided funding to the county over the years for burials of unclaimed remains of people who were public aid recipients or would have been eligible for public aid, Shuftan said.

However, as previously reported in the Tribune, Gov. Bruce Rauner recently announced cuts to state payments for indigent funerals.
Explain to me - if the Archdiocese of Chicago has made a practice of burying the remains of children aborted with the help of Illinois legislation for years, why is it important to mention that 'cuts ti state payment fro indigent funerals' is news and not propaganda?

 The Catholic land to bury the aborted children might run out, we are told.  But Catholic Cemeteries are private, you see, and Catholics are paying for that space to burying children aborted due to State of Illinois sponsored homicide.

It was very decent of John Daley to attend this service. He is a decent guy. Cardinal George deserves some recognition by the Chicago Tribune for this mitzvah, but this is the Chicago Tribune -a vassal of Planned Parenthood 24/7.

End abortion; no fetus to bury.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

So I am not The Lone Free Ranger

"We refuse to deprive our children of critical opportunities to develop responsibility and independence, and have no intention of fundamentally changing our parenting to accommodate this kind of paranoia and bullying," Danielle Meitiv wrote.

Heard about the couple who let their kids run free have you?  They are taking some heat from breeders and squares.

I was a free range parent long before Daniell Meitiv. They are very caring. I just did not shive-a-git about where and when my three children moved about and even suggested neat  urban adventures.  I love them so much that I gave them the keys to the City of Chicago.

"Dad, I took the Halsted Bus all the way to Irving Park Road and then walked through Uptown! You were right! There are so many Native Americans! They were literally lying on the street, " sang my elder female child and eldest of the three. Nora was 13 at the time and going into her freshman year at Mother McAuley Liberal Arts High School and she would need a full and robust immersion among real people and not just protected, pampered and button-down NorthFace BevRat Irish Catholics. I suggested a daily routine of inner-city immersions, or personal flights of challenge.  I said, "Explore! Advocate! Challenge! Be Your Bliss!"

No hand holding here.

I opened the car door at 75th & Cottage Grove and said, " Ask the folks over by the Courtesty Exchange for a conversation about Race, Honey I'll pick you up 5:30 P.M.  unless someone offers you a ride home.!" I then zoomed off to Jimmy's Woodlawn Tap for the next six hours where I sampled IPAs in their infancy and chatted up the locals. Good jukebox.

My second child, a Mannish boy of 8 back then,  was treated to a night alone in Elizabeth Conkey Woods Forest Preserve.  " Hey, buddy!  You'll thank me, later.  It is going to get a bit air-ish at sundown; so, don't get all sweaty chasing ground squirrels.  Here's a bag of cucumber sandwiches and a canteen full of Sun Tea. Hey, why the long puss?  You are  21st Century Man there are porta-potties all over the grounds.I'll get you at 9AM and let you sleep in a bit."  My son never mentioned that wonderful night out.  He never mentions anything to me.

My baby girl was two when my wife died and so I home schooled herself.  She was like that little girl Matilda. *

Free Range, Baby!

Why bother teaching your kids anything about American history, responsibility, good manners, taste in books, art and film, reverence for virtue, piety and the sanctity of each human life from womb to doom?  We are evolving.

* Fine film

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Chicago Police Digest 1959 and Obama's New BFF Fidel Castro

This is a great historical document. The number of Leo Catholic High School alumni "on the Job" in 1959 is astounding. Future Superintendent James Conlisk was head of traffic. Latin, Greek and Gaelic scholar Lt. Maurice Higgins ( father of Pulitzer Prize Winning Cartoonist Jack Higgins) was head of Robbery Division. Sox Owner Bill Veeck is show with what just might be Bill Kay's son Billy.

One snippet in the Chicago Police Digest for 1959 concerned the visit of Fidel Castro's son Junior to the old CPD Headquarters at 11th & State. 
"Castro's Son Visits Police Building
Fidel Castro, Jr., 10, son of the fiery
Cuban leader, was a recent visitor to
the Police Building while in Chicagofor the Pan-American Games. Accompanyinghim were Cuban Army Capt.Angel Saauedra and Fidel Jr.'s militaryacademy buddy, Cadet Nelson Asquru.Mark Thanasouras of the HomicideDetail and Crime Laboratory TechnicianJoseph De Lopez served as guidesand interpreters for the young Cubanand his party during their visit. "  - from Chicago PoliceDigest1959 (7) 

This was at a time, before the election of JFK, when Casto was considered to be as harmless as Obamcare and redefining traditional marriage.  
BTW - The Cuban Army officer escorting Fidel Jr. was the same guy who passed on classified documents to Congressman Adam Clayton Powell (NY)* who managed to get the State Department to stop arming Batista and clearing the way for Castro.…/Cuban-says-spy-helped-C…/8125291104464/

Some may recall that El Jefe brought a delegation of bearded Army fatigue clad guerrilla fighters to the United Nations, after Batista was overthrown and Fredo betrayed Michael in Godfather II.  In 1960,the Cuban delegation stayed in Harlem, the congressional district of Rep. Adam Clayton Powell, instead of among the tony 1%ers on Manhattan's east side. The Red world travellers joined Castro in Harlem and the Third World was born.  Soon Cuba would be exporting its Red Revolution to Africa, Central and South America, as well as the island nations of the Caribbean and inviting Bill Ayers, Obama's ghost-writer some say, to cut sugar cane as an apprentice University of Illinois pensioner.

Castro with Dr. Grayson Kirk - President of Columbia University -somethings never change.

Castro has not changed.  He and his brother are ruthless, blood thirsty thugs.  President Obama is making nice with Castro and Iran.  For people who read, that is bothersome.

History - the stuff we choose to ignore. . . . with help from academics, Reds and Howard Zinn.

* Do note that House of Representatives site biography for Adam Clayton Powell is totally and completly scrubbed of any reference to Cuba, Castro or Clayton Powell's part in helping Castro transfer Buban tyranny from Batista to himself. Shucks was just an 'An unapologetic activist.' Like President Obama.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Leo High Schoool Heroes: Raymond E. Jehli -Navy Cross Recipient

On April 7th, 1945 Leo Man Ray Jehli '39 flew from the deck of USS Enterprise, attacked and sank a Japanese Cruiser in the South China Sea.  From St. Francis de Paula Parish, Ray Jehli was a four year Honor Roll student at Leo played basketball and football before going to war.  Ray Jehli is credited with sinking one of the last enemy capital ships in World War II combat. President Truman awarded the Navy Cross to Ray Jehli. Ray's brother Walter '37 and Army Air Corps pilot was shot down and killed in 1944.

Walter is buried at St. Mary's on the south side.

February 12, 2004

Raymond E. Jehli, age 82, WWII Navy Pilot, recipient of the Navy Cross, beloved husband of the late Eileen Jehli, nee McGloin; loving father of Mary Virginia Flynn (Micah), Raymond "Jay" Jehli (Maureen), Patricia Heyne, Christine Jehli, Karen Jehli; dear grandfather of five grandsons and two granddaughters. Died Feb. 2, 2004 at home in Mesa, AZ. Services were held Feb. 5, 2004. Memorial donations may be made to Hospice of the Valley, 2222 S. Dobson Rd. #401 Mesa, AZ 85202

The President of the United States takes pleasure in presenting the Navy Cross to Raymond Edward Jehli, Lieutenant, Junior Grade, U.S. Navy, for extraordinary heroism in operations against the enemy while serving as Pilot of a carrier-based Navy Fighter Plane in Fighting-Bombing Squadron NINE (VFB-9), embarked from the U.S.S. ENTERPRISE (CV-6), on 7 April 1945, while deployed over the East China Sea. His outstanding courage and determined skill were at all times inspiring and in keeping with the highest traditions of the United States Naval Service.

Monday, April 13, 2015

What We Can Expect - 2016 Will Arrive and Depart and Hillary Clinton Will Be President

If America thinks Obama craps strawberries, I guess I am out of step. But step I do.

Obama's handlers ( he never had an original thought in his life) took Cuba off the table and gelded Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and Jeb Bush on that issue. Cuba libre?  Nah. Cuba will be open to a few cyber-nerd bazillionaires, the auto industry and Captain Morgan, but Raul and Fidel Castro will keep all of the sugar.

A dictatorship ends and democracy begins when Chuck Todd reads something from GE and then tries to explain what is written on the note from up-stairs to Chris Matthews, Big Ed, Mika, Morning Joe and Andrea Mitchell.

That said, our own American fortunes remain tied to some pretty bad things - abortion, secularism bordering on nihilism, historical ignorance and political fascism.  Orgainized labor is merely a political app device clicked on when convenient. Journalism, which Joe Epstein paraphrased Oscar Wilde, is celebrity gossip spiced with political propaganda. Bruce Jenner's transformation certainly helps keep Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker out of the White House and will.

I suspect that America will mirror Cuba shortly and believe that it will be no different than recent mayoral election.  American voters will shrug and vote a pretty nasty person - Hillary Clinton, who is no more than Mayor Rahm Emanuel without a personal trainer.

Who will win the White House in 2016?

Let me speak up.  It will not be a Republican.  My guess; it will be Hillary Clinton.  As Chicago went last week, so shall go the nation . . .with whimper.

My proudly liberal colleague, Mike O'Neill, noted that Tammy Duckworth with beat Illinois's United States Junior Senator Marque Kirque like an old rug. I'd like in on that.

 The Illinois GOP is the template for the RNC - a party that blows off its own toes at the request of DNC.  .  Marque Kirque is the template for the GOP, just as the doughy and dopey Senator Dick Durbin is the template for Democratic Party. Both Illinois Senatorial carbon footprints are not worth the price of Oprah tickets, but both are regarded as men of gravitas in both parties.  I am sardonically amused that people with more brains, talent and moral backbone than either one of them would walk across tile square to shake hands.  I feel the same way about President Obama, whom I have not only spent but had dialog.  I found him singularly underwhelming in 1996 and more so now that he has been elected to two terms, snatched a Nobel Peace Prize and turned America into Europe in seven short years.

Bessie Warren, Bernie Sanders and Martin O'Malley are merely stalking horses for Hillary. They are like Chicago Alderman Bob Fioretti who run, distract and be rewarded post election. Hillary is Rahm Emanuel.

America has evolved.

The race is over before it starts.

"it's Something I Can't Fathom Right Now."

Another kid got him a green Masters jacket. A twenty -two year old kid matched the 1997 Masters miracle of young Tiger Woods.

Jordan Spieth handled the awe of everyone at Augusta, GA with phenomenal grace. Spieth remarked,"To have this jacket forever,it's something I can't fathom right now,"

Somethings we not supposed to fathom

  • Medal of Honor Heroism
  • A Woman Giving Birth
  • Friends and Family
  • God's Forgiveness
  • That Moment When a Student 'Gets it!'
Jordan Spieth, don't fathom it; delight in it. 

Now for years to come, Spieth will join that gathering to recount for his elders and later to a younger generation how he chased down history.
How his 18-under total matched Tiger Woods' 1997 dominance for the best 72-hole score ever posted here.
How his wire-to-wire win was the first at Augusta in 39 years, since Raymond Floyd pulled off the feat in 1976.
How his 28 birdies over 72 holes set a Masters record.
Even with the stakes, the pressure, the dreams, Spieth never lost his nerve. And the big names positioned to at least test the kid's patience Sunday never created enough noise.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

"Chiraq" is Demeaning to Chicago - Call it "Worrisome"

No less an expert on the use of language than Senator Dick " I Heard Obama Say" Durbin has chimed in on Spike Lee's movie about violence and the failure of public schools in Chicago neighborhoods. Here's Dithering Dick, “I want to give Mr. Lee the opportunity to explain the nature of this movie,” he said. “I don’t know much more about it, other than the title. It is worrisome.”

It is worrisome because Rahm's most ardent black minister is white pastor Michael Pfleger and Pastor Pfleger hosted the Cusacks at St. Sabina Faith Community's Easter services, as well as Jeremy Piven who played Ari on HBO's family comedy Entourage and Ari was based upon Rahm Emanuel's Hollywood bundler brother Ari.


It's kind of funny.  Only a few years ago, a freshman at Leo High School, Antonio Davis was murdered on the streets where he lived.  Leo High School absorbed the full expense of burying this nice kid: paid for the grave, the funeral home, the church the services and hosted the repast following the funeral for three hundred of Antonio's family members and neighbors.Image result for antonio davis funeral rahm emanuel

The funeral services took place at 127th & Harlem on tropically hot and torrentially rainy day. Hundreds of mourners packed the un-air conditioned church and waited for the ceremonies to begin.  The funeral director had been contacted by the Office of the Mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel to wait until the Mayor could pay his respects.  Twenty, forty, sixty minutes went by.   The services were stalled because were waiting for Rahm Emanuel. It was worrisome.

Worrisome, because little kids and the elderly were swooning from the sticky heat.  The Mayor arrived.  He brushed past the Leo High School President without word or greeting.  The Leo High School President had taken the burden from family of Antonio Davis upon himself - cost and logistics. A week's worth of burden.

Rahm Emanuel not so much as nodded.  I though that funny and worrisome.

Worrisome, this funny little man had only just begun his role as Mayor of Chicago.

Funny, because over the next three years Rahm Emanuel did what he does - raises money for himself and ignores everyone else, until the first run-off election in Chicago's history was forced upon him.

Rahm was just forced to undergo the first run-off election in Chicago's history, because Chicago is plagued with thug violence and bad public schools.  Rahm closed 50 bad public schools on the south and west sides of Chicago, where the sobriquet "Chiraq" was coined.  The closing of the bad public schools forced children to cross into neighborhoods where gang-turf is delineated by rounds spent from a 9mm.

Worrisome, because Pastor Pfleger endorsed not only Rahm, but a candidate for alderman of the 17th Ward who would serve Rahm Emanuel and all of his works and that candidate was beaten like a red-headed rented mule in the February General Election.

More Worrisome, was the fact that Rahm was forced into the only run-off election in Chicago's history and was required to contort, tap-dance, threaten, wheedle, poke, promise and punish black politicians, reverends, urban translators and community leaders for support.  He got it and beat his challenger by double figures.

A worrisome thing that.

Now, when all is well,  more worrisome mischief creeps into the ink of Chicago - Spike Lee is making a movie!

Worrisome is the theme of thug violence and bad public schools. More Worrisome is the title of the movie that reflects the opinion of the people on the west and South Sides that Chicago, in some neighborhoods, is a dangerous as Iraq, or Yeman, or Syria, or Egypt, or Kenya..

It's worrisome.  Just when the very people who orchestrated Chicago's misery had the opportunity to finally paw political kitty litter over the crap of their own making, along come Spike Lee, who might be the best American director since John Ford, pointing out the mess.  Worrisome.

They (Rahm,Durbin et al) do not want the movie to be Chiraq!  Dick Durbin who lies every second breath calls this worrisome,

Spike, I think we have a working title - "Worrisome!"

I think Dick Durbin would make a swell Pastor Pfleger.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Throw Away America - Margaret Sanger to Faiz Ikramull

“Initially, our investigation has shown that the father left the child in a garbage can and drove away,” Faiz Ikramulla, 35

Imagine, a three year old girl, a toddler, wanders along a very busy road near a Cook County Forest Preserve.  She is crying and waving her hands.

The sight and sound of a child in distress should spark some human sympathy.  Good people responded.

The little girl could give police officers only her first name, but the cops managed to identify the child's parents and learned that the girl's mother had indeed filed a missing persons report not only for her baby but her father.

The father, Faiz Ikramulla, was tracked down in Van Buren County Michigan and arrested.

Faiz Ikramulla had placed his child in Forest Preserve garbage can and walked off.

Last week, someone tossed a kitten from a moving vehicle sparking no end consternation. Happens all of the time.  A few years ago persons tended to drive into my neighborhood with their unwanted pets, open the doors and let them out.  I once called 911 when a pooch was tossed from a car.  Poor thing died. I could not get the plate numbers.  Sad, but no where near what happens to children and old people.  People get more worked up over the mistreatment animals than do over a child in a woman's uterus, or argue that we must be sensitive cultural 'differences' when children are concerned.

We live in toss-away America.  Parents wear out the old viability warranty and get packed off to Shady Rest ASAP.  Relationships fall on hard times and Attorney E. Claude Balls types up a divorce.  We UnFriend.  We ReCycle. We Abort.

That miserable old hog of a woman, Margaret Sanger, managed to convince shallow people with college degrees that Birth Control is humane and abortion a sacrament of secular freedom.  Until this country abandons its selfish and cowardly love affair with abortion, it will continue diminish itself at home and abroad.

Yes, abortion opposition must be a litmus test for elected officials. Smarmy creeps like President Obama,Senators Durbin and Kirque, Governor Rauner, Mayor Emanuel should not hold office.  If you are cool with calling the murder of a child in its mother's womb health care, you will have no problem selling your vote to any corporation, or country.  If you justify the murder of children, why not the killing of the elderly, the disabled, unpopular, or the opposition?  Eugenics worked well for the Third Reich, until unevolved Americans did something about it. 

I am one carbon footprint that will never evolve in a way that allows me to politely accept a point a view that in any way mistreats a child (womb to Holy Sepulchre).
Monsters hold a very evolved and sophisticated opinion on this.  Monsters who would abort, abandon the elderly to institutional abuse, or stuff a toddler into a Cook County Forest Preserve garbage can.

<iframe width="404" height="225" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Obama, Holder, Sharpton and The News Media Own This War on Cops

“There must be national policy and national law on policing,” Mr. Sharpton said. “We can’t go from state to state, we’ve got to have national law to protect people against these continued questions.”

 Crowns Heights Al Sharpton is President Obama's Federal Race Gestapo Ombudsman.

From the day that a tipsy Henry Louis Gates forgot the keys to house, President Obama, Eric "A Nation of Cowards" Holder and America's Prize Race Grifter Al Sharpton have done their level best to destroy any and all respect Americans have for police officers.

Obama has been wrong on every one of his forays into "Let's Have A National Chat on Race," or this is a "Teachable Moment" and has been backed with the full force of his Justice Department and the American National News Media.

Here is the fruit of that labor.

This will be the Obama legacy.